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Aspire Credit card

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Re: Aspire Credit card

also, the Problem comes, when like me you travel outside the US, like Europe there is a whole nother Story as long as you say just eat, you fine, but if you say want to buy anything like Souvenir or so, it ask for a Vendor ID on the Mashine, so you stay there and won't be able to buy it, as Europeans, like in the USA, have no idea what to enter, as you don't have a Vendor ID to confirm, also me calling the Aspire, Mailing them and asking what the Hell this supose to mean? The Customerervice agent, who I am sorry but 99% clue less says, well then ask them to call us,,,LOL,,,yea like a say German Vendor works with 6 hour difference and pays for the phone call to the USA and still then have no idea what Aspire wants. I must say, I expect that stupidity from a German or European, as when it comes to Credit Cards, specialy in Germany they are total idiots, but noooo, from a USA Card? LOL come on aspire is the year 2019, **bleep**


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Re: Aspire Credit card

So I got offered an aspire card with 3% cash back.. their site gives me no real information about it so anyone know about that card at all?

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Re: Aspire Credit card

Can you give some more details about the 3% cash back? 


IS it this one: ?


It still says 1% cash back on the website.

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Re: Aspire Credit card



just adding some info to an old post    hope this helps


lots of companies only "make statements" and report if you use the card during the month and leave alittle balance on it   lots of times if you pay in full before the statement date  ( all be it smart)   they wont report your activity to the credit reports     because they have to pay to report so if they arent making money off you then they dont report for you  

alot of times during a rebuild its smarter and "better" for you to leave a small balance /pay alittle interest/ and get the reporting   

it will help you in the long run


commenity / synchrony/ aspire/ bbva / merrick /  all operate this way     just to name a few


during a rebuild you have to look at what you want to acheive   the credit card comapnies are not your friends or there to help you no matter what they say they are there to make money


also lots of companies will NOT give you limit increases if you never carry a balance    Ive learned they mostly operate on a "past 3 months" schedule

on these lower cards for rebuilds   carry a balance for a few months cooming up to your 6 mtnh / 12 month / 18 mnth / and so on dates a and you will likely receive limit increases its a way of "cheating the algorithim"  in a way

think of it as spending alittle money in interest to gain alot of available credit  thus boosting your profile



Good luck to all



post bankruptcy 2 years    over 700 all 3    20 plus accounts    40k car loan  and many credit cards over 10k limits  



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Re: Aspire Credit card

Its very odd.. but it is that one found at It says pre-approved for 1500 limit plus 3% cash back. Unfortunately it comes with a 59USD annual fee and a 60 annual account maintenance fee. Not only a way low limit but the fees are high. Weird my score did got down but still in the 700s. I would have to spend 2K a year to make up the fees alone plus it bills monthly, which means I would never really have a reported zero balance. I hate that.

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Re: Aspire Credit card

You could  try prepaying next month's monthly fee in advance so it should post at $0 

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Re: Aspire Credit card

I wonder if this is related to the company that Discover sold the Bravo card to... that was also called the Aspire Visa.... Similar to the Bravo card, it could be used as a credit card, or you could write checks on your CL at a 2-3% lower APR than the CL...




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Re: Aspire Credit card

I've had good luck with Aspire and they have been reporting to the credit bureaus. Also, after 5 going on 6 months of having the card and proving my credit worthiness to them with on time payments they sent me a pre acceptance offer for their Aspire Cash Back card that I also accepted. The Aspire card is yet another card issued by The Bank of Missouri. It actually shows on the credit reports as TBOM/Aspire. I don't think you can apply, but rather they send out pre acceptance (not pre approval) offers where after submitting their acceptance number you're in. I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but the credit limit on the first card was $700 and the credit limit on the second card was $500. You cannot make an increase request. There is a processing fee of $99 that they deduct from the card and then after one year there is a $175 annual fee. The fees are high, but I'm the one with poor credit having higher limit credit cards thanks to Aspire. I will keep the cards until their expiration date, if not longer.  I sure wish Ollo was the same. Ollo sends pre approved applications rather than pre acceptance offers and I'm waiting for my invite Smiley Happy  

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Re: Aspire Credit card

I've also received the pre-approval from Aspire Mastercard. 3% cash-back, $1,500 limit.  The fees are ridiculous, $150 af the first year, then $29 af the scond, along with a $150 maintenance fee the second year, billed monthly. 24.24% APR. But, it is unlimited 3% cash back.  Doesn't take too much to make up those fees, $5k spend the first year, $6k the second.  My highest non-category reward rate is 1%, so this would tripple that for everything I spend over the 5-6k. I'm actually considering this, but I haven't been able to find any info or reviews on it. Anybody have experience, or advice? 

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Re: Aspire Credit card

So I got a preapproval for this card it said 1500 limit no annual fee which I'm like wow, so I applied and they said they needed documentation from me which I sent to them they needed a copy of social security card and a utility bill in my name I sent all of that and they approved me and it's for the 1500 limit.  I was worried about if the no annual fee was right so I chatted with a guy online and he's like let me look and he came back said no annual fees and no monthly fees I don't know how that is, but I'm not going to complain because I have annual fees on my other ones and when they come due I'm dumping them this is the highest card limit I'll have with no annual fee I'll use it and maybe carry a small balance from time to time just to get them to report and give me a higher limit down the road.  I figure if I can get a 2000 limit or get it up to it I'll be good enough don't need to much credit I don't think.  Anyone else get a preapproval with no annual fee from them?

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