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Associated Credit Union - GA

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Associated Credit Union - GA



I'm considering joining this credit union out of GA.  Anyone had any experience with them?  If so, I'm curious about the following:


1.  Are they liberal or conservative in their lending practices?
2.  What CRA do they pull?
3.  How do you rate their customer service on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being THE BOMB!
4.  If you've had any of their products, i.e., credit cards, LOCs, etc. for a period of time, how have they been regarding CLIs.?
5.  What type of credit line did you receive?  What were your scores at the time?  What were your baddies, if any?




Adam's Eve

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Re: Associated Credit Union - GA

They are very conservative. I only have 1 two year old baddie on my report and I can't get approved for them with my scores. They pull EQ and I had at least a 750 at the time of my app. The customer service is good, even though they couldn't help me with a credit card. They did try to give me a car loan. Even offered to bring the car to me to test drive and bring the paperwork to sign the papers. (I told them I worked during the hours of their CU carfinder dept. and couldn't make it there) I didn't end up buying a car though. There is no instant decisions on anything, all loans have to be reviewed. I would guess you have to have a clean EQ report to get a credit card but I don't know how the limits they give out are obviously. I found an in to NFCU and transferred all my business to them after I did the trifecta with NFCU and got $28,500 in credit instantly. Hope this helps.
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6/1/2008 EQ -634
9/12/08 EX 691 * TU 689
10/02/08 EQ 677
11/11/08 TU 669 * EQ 668
1/15/09 EX 759 * EQ 788
9/24/09 EQ 761 * EX 729 (from NFCU loan app) * TU 666
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Re: Associated Credit Union - GA

Thanks a bunch...Very helpful!
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