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Attn: Chase Account Holders

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Attn: Chase Account Holders

I'm wondering what the max CL / accounts chase will open and was wondering what others have.  I have the slate ($6k) UA($5K) Sapphire Pref ($15k) ...wanting to app for Select and was thinking that may be one too many accounts for chase to open.

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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders



     I seen another member post that he/she had 5  Chase cards, however at his 4th or 5th card he/she had to call in and explain why he needed another Chase card.  I only have one CC with chase so unfortunately I can't give you a better answer. 


I do have two Cards from USAA and I tried to app for a 3rd, but when I hit the "Apply" button it said I reached my max applications, so I am taking it I can only have 2 CC's at this time.  Hopefully this helped you out a little bit, im sure some others will have the answer your looking for if this one didn't help you.




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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders

Currently, I have three accounts with Chase with a total of $46K credit.  They start questioning at three or four in my experience but they will allow more.  I was at five at one point but got rid of some.  Also, I have noticed that when you close a card they still factor that card in for some time after it is closed.  I had a card closed for 2+ months and when I applied for a new card and it was seen as an open account.  As soon as I explained the one was closed the CSR said "oh, yes it is, your all set and I'll get this app approved".

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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders

I have Chase Freedom and Chase Southwest Card


I applied for Chase Sapphire and was denied because I had too many Chase cards.

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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders

I have 5 Chase cards at just over $35,000 in exposure, I was told when I applied for my Hyatt card that as of right now any new cards would require reallocation to get approved until my accounts were at least 2 years old.  But she said it is on a case-by-case basis to determine that.

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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders

Got a Chase Freedom in 2008, at the same time as an AMEX and Discover More.  Chase and Discover were $3k, and AMEX was $2.5k


Today, Discover is at $6300, and I've never asked for a CLI

Amex is at $8k, but I had to ask for that.

And I've never requested a CLI from Chase, so guess what that CL is....


I guess this isn't related to the thread.  Just venting Smiley Happy

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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders

I have 3 JPMC cards (Palladium, CSP, and Freedom) for an aggregate CL of $105k. On my latest app (Freedom) I had to speak to a credit specialist to have my CL bumped from $3k to $15k. I think after your 3rd card you can start to expect having to explain yourself over the phone.

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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders

i have 3 cc with chase..

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Re: Attn: Chase Account Holders

After about 3 cards, you might start to get some questions from them. If you have a good relationship with Chase you may be able to get 4-5. If you don't then they'll likely cap you at 2. Also there's a maximum exposure they have in terms of CL. Anything more than this will likely require a CL reallocation.
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