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Authorized User on Card with High Balance

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Authorized User on Card with High Balance

I am an AU (Authorized User) on someone's card that now has a very high balance.  I've got my own credit and really don't need this AU card.  Now, my scores are being negatively impacted, because of the high balance on that card.  If I am removed as an AU on that card, will that card AND it's associated balance be dropped from my report, and improve my score?  If anyone has information or experience with this, I would appreciate your input.

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Re: Authorized User on Card with High Balance

Yep, get it off of there.

Some banks will allow the AU to call and ask to get off the card; others require the cardholder to do so.

Once removed, it should disappear from your reports the next time that it normally updates. AmEx seems to stay on reports, which is bizarre, but it shows that it is canceled and doesn't report a balance.
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