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Authorized User to Build History

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Authorized User to Build History

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask you for a piece of advise if it makes sense in my case (pls see my signature for all my credit history) to be added as an authorized user to someone's credit card with a big limit and responsible usage by that person !?
What it will really give me? Like an increased total limit plus one more account showing up, right?
What are the pros and cons?
Do they pull your file to add you? What happens when you are removed, will it only affect age and total CL ?
Do I have to use that card or not at all? 
I just want to get Citi Costco Card soon and I am not sure I will be approved with my current short history, so will a card with 15k CL help me do that soon? Also planning on financing a car next year, but again short history and not a big available limit at the moment, will it help me with a car loan?
What banks or specific cards you recommend over others to be added as an AU?
Thank you!

Moved to the US in August 2018.
Applied for Citi Costco in November 2018 - Denied due to lack of history (no history).
Started building credit in January 2019. Please hover over each card:

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Re: Authorized User to Build History

It does help a little.
If you are first time car buyer then you need to do your research. Car salespeople are good at telling that you are no-good and hardly qualify. Basically tell them your terms and if they do not agree just walk away. Be careful what you sign.
Try soft pull credit cards to qualify for your own credit lines. Secured cards is a good option.
You need 3 credit cards and 1 installment to get workable profile.
Credit unions might be able to give you the best car loan terms. Check with them.
Being an authorized user will help you get started but I don’t think it will be good enough for Citi Costco credit card.
Banks do not pull credit to add an authorized user. Some require SSN and some don’t.
When you close you card it will just be closed and still be reporting for up to 10 years.
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Re: Authorized User to Build History



IMHO, I believe if you wait until the AoYA turns 12 months, you just might qualify for a Citi/Costco on your own. Just don’t add any more inquiries. 


Becoming on AU on a high limit CC definitely helps a little; however, if the UT is high, that will hurt more than help. 

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Re: Authorized User to Build History

I am also interested in how this works. I've been thinking of adding someone with no credit history.

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