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Authorized user

I apped for a few cards this month, Chase freedom, alliant signature and PayPal cashback all approved. BoA cash pending

Usbank cash plus denied because of credit inquiries. Had wife app for it since I learned about it after apping for others and can really use it for the 5% back on bills.

I add her to my cards as an authorized user, but if I plan to apply for the cash plus myself in 6+ months, should she add me as a user on hers? Would that even help me in any way, I don't need the credit but wondering if it will help approval odds in the future
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Amex Blue Cash (20k), Amex Lowe's Business (20k), Alliant Signature (15k), PayPal Cashbacks (12k), Amazon Store Card (10k), AAdvantage World Elite (4,200), Chase Freedom (2,500)
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Re: Authorized user

Adding yourself as an AU on your wife's Cash+ would have no bearing on any approval odds of your own card, unfortunately.

It can help lay the foundation for continuing to build your profile, scores, etc., but it can also work against it if too many new accounts are stacked in a short period of time.
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