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Authorized users - Reporting??

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Re: Authorized users - Reporting??

I simply called them back and gave them her SS#. They took it.

And did that work for you? Is your account now on her credit report? Maybe in a couple months I should call Discover and ask them if they want the SSN of the AU on my account. When I added an Exxon/Mobil AU they asked for the SSN, but nothing on her report yet. I wonder how long it takes for them to report the AU. I think I read it can take many months bc it is not a top priority for them. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

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Re: Authorized users - Reporting??

If she has any accounts now, just have her assume your current address, and then your address will start reporting.


You will both need a 620, because the score condition is based on the lower of the two of you.


i thought about this last night, and if you can qualify on the loan with your income don't bother worrying, just buy it in your name, and add her to the deed of trust instead. Then she will be free of the account on her credit, and will still be a co-owner with you!

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Re: Authorized users - Reporting??

If she doesn't have any currect accounts, just have her pull all three CRA's and put your address first, and her old address second...


If she does have her call and update them with her new address, and as soon as they update the account w/the CRA's the address will start reporting across all three CRA's!

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