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Automatically upgraded to Macy's Amex

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Automatically upgraded to Macy's Amex

I've had the Macy's store card for two years now, having been given the starting limit of $300 back in April 2017. In the two years since, my limit has made gradual increases to $15,000. When I went to pay my card this month, I was told I'd been automatically upgraded to the Amex card. My balance has never gone above $700 or so, so I get the feeling they're just trying to get me to use the card more.  I'm still happy about this, but I also don't plan to use it any more than I did and will try to treat as if it were still just a store card.

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Re: Automatically upgraded to Macy's Amex

Congrats on your upgrade! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Automatically upgraded to Macy's Amex

 I was upgraded just last week as well. Mind you I’ve had a Macys card since 94 and it’s my second oldest card. It only has a $1000 limit and still does. I rarely use it and won’t with that low limit but keep it open for age purposes. I won’t do a hard pull for an increase as I have enough credit with my other cards.  

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Re: Automatically upgraded to Macy's Amex

@EdMan63 That's the beautiful part, CLIs are SP via the app for both PLCC and AmEx version. However, recently the PLCC has changed to asking to call, but others report still having SP CLI ability.
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Re: Automatically upgraded to Macy's Amex

Congratulations on your upgrade!

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Re: Automatically upgraded to Macy's Amex

Definitely a soft pull. I request one every 1-2 months with instant approvals and no HP.
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