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Available Credit Line?

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Available Credit Line?

How does the available credit line work?  It's just the Credit Line minus balance + pending charges right?  My Citi card's available credit line is not reflecting the fact that I paid off my last statement balance in full (statement was on 10/10/12, balance paid in full on 10/11/12, posted to my account 10/12/12).  It's been five credit line is $3300, but my available credit line is only $1388.14 but my total BALANCE is only $407.88 (posted and pending charges added together), and the remaning difference, $1503.98 was exactly my last statement balance but I already paid that and my account says I paid it too so where's $1503.98 of my credit?  Do I have to wait until the NEXT statement closes to get the credit reflected on my available credit line?  I tried to talk to Citi but of course they just told me to call back another time...



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Re: Available Credit Line?

Usually your available credit will free up when the payment posts.  It sounds to me like Citi put a hold on your available credit to make sure that payment completely clears your bank, I would expect it to last around 7-10 days, if a CSR won't go ahead and remove the hold.

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