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BBP then Amex Gold, or Gold then BBP?

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BBP then Amex Gold, or Gold then BBP?

I'm looking at the Amex BBP currently, and then thinking of applying for the Gold in a year or so when it makes more sense for me. I would be a new Amex customer, but I've read that new customers should be applying for the Platinum before anything else because Amex doesn't offer their best offers (100/125k MR points) to existing customers.


If that's the case, is it safe to assume the same would apply for the Gold's 75k/$4k if I got the BBP beforehand? I wouldn't be hitting the MSR right now organically so I wanted to see if I can go for the BBP now, or just wait until I'm ready and get the Gold first. Thanks!

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Re: BBP then Amex Gold, or Gold then BBP?

I think you'd be able to get the best SUB available regardless, you just might need a referral link at the time.  It's best to just apply for the card you want/need/can use, especially as a new customer.  Getting a card that doesn't work for you doesn't really make sense.  

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Re: BBP then Amex Gold, or Gold then BBP?

I've gotten good offers as an existing Amex customer, but it helps to be patient.

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Re: BBP then Amex Gold, or Gold then BBP?

As a reminder we don't talk about business cards in this section of the forum.

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Re: BBP then Amex Gold, or Gold then BBP?

As new Amex customer, I wouldn't recommend going with the BBP at first.  Get the Gold.  I got the Gold and then started seeing preapprovals for other cards so I went for the BBP and got denied.  Below is the reason for my denial...






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