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BBRZMC CLI function now working online.

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Re: BBRZMC CLI function now working online.

I called after I got the 72 hour message online. They had no record of my online request so I submitted one over the phone and he said it was being sent to a manager for review. I received an auto increase a few months back to $800. My EQ is frozen so I'm not worried about a hard.
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Re: BBRZMC CLI function now working online.

I thought HSBK had blew me off as it has been past 72 hours since I did the online cli link, I was just going to forget about it, then this evening I recieved an email that HSBK granted me a cli of $2,200.00, to my surprise I was SHOCKED. my cl is now $3,500.00, last cli was $300.00 when HSBK gave the first auto cli's on this card. had this card since 12/09 when the craze was on and quite a few people applied for this card around the holiday time when the preapproval link was working then.  Unfortunately it was a HARD pull eq.  If anyone would have asked me a year and a half ago about HSBK ever giving out cli's, I would have told you not in a million yearsSmiley Wink

Starting Score: EQ 546 TU 566
Current Score: EQ 693TU 08 729 EX 08 738Need to Garden/New Accounts
Goal Score: 800
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