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BBRZMC, to close or SD, not sure what to do.

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Re: BBRZMC, to close or SD, not sure what to do.

tburns wrote:

cowgirl79 wrote:

I've gone back 2 statements later and asked for the annual fee to be credited. If they won't do it threaten to close the account. They'll transfer you to a credit analyst who will immediately credit the annual fee. I have 3 cards with HSBC and have yet to pay an annual fee on any of them.

Kinda funny you replied to this thread today. I just posted an 'update' of sorts in the thread


BB rewardzone who do I call


But to update here with this card. Last night I called and got the fee reversed. CLI request started and told it has to be a manual review that could take a few days (doubt it will happen) as long as I keep the card open.


So I kept it open. I'll wait for my $59 to be returned and probably get a letter in the mail stated I was declined for a CLI. I just need to remember to cancel the card next May.


I'd rather have a BB store card, which I can probably get easily now. But I wont apply for it for awhile. Also don't want to have 2 open CAP 1 cards when I apply in case they count BB as one of the 2 card limit.



Sounds like a good outcome. At the very least, you'll have a year's worth of reporting for free.


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Re: BBRZMC, to close or SD, not sure what to do.

Well this turned into a nightmare.



I got hit with a Hard Pull on the 13th. And to top it all off I just received my CLI denial letter in the mail.


Turns out the analyst that put in the request didn't put my income down, so my letter said denied due to 'missing income'


And instead of just correcting on the phone a minute ago I was told the only way was to resubmit it would be to get another hard pull. Of course I said hell no!.


So now I have a HP on EQ, no CLI and a check for $59 coming from them. Once it arrives I'm cashing it then calling and canceling my card, for real this time. I was told I could ask for the HP to be retracted, but once she transferred my to a supervisor I was told not possible.


I'm tempted to close my $750 CAP 1 out of spite at the same time. Only have 3 cards under 1k and 2 of them are cap 1. After this experience I'll never ask for a CLI again from CAP 1, and now that I have a HP I can't app for the store card for awhile. I didn't really ask for the CLI this time, just offered when I tried to close my card. I ask and was told it was a soft pull.
But guess that wasn't the truth.





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