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It was my first card after nearly 6 years of no cards, went purely cash since my scores were in the toilet.  Time and patience won out and I apped for it when I got an invitation.  $300 starting limit after 8 months and finding this site I called and $200 more, when I found out Cap1 was taking over ughhhhhh.  And if they have a long memory they'll remember my CO in 2001.  That could be the reason for the decline as well.  Will find out when the letter comes in, no matter I think this card has reached the end of it's life span.

01/06/2015 Walmart TU 726
01/06/2015MyFico EQ 705
01/10/2014 USAA FAKO EX 728, EQ 728, TU 728
Discover It $1700, USAA Cash Rewards AMEX $11K, USAA Rewards Platinum MC $12K, CareCredit $13.2K, Chase Freedom $5000, Walmart $4500, Lowes $9800, QVC $1200, HSN $2350, Macys Red Star Store $2900, Paypal smart connect $4022, VS Angelcard $1200, Amazon Store $2500, BCE $4K, Sam's Club Discover $8500, Home Depot $7200, FNBO AMEX $7800
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wreith wrote:

Looks like I'll be closing this card at the end of the month.  I called the HSBC backdoor numbe for a CLI, I transfered to another dept asked for CLI, gave my information was told it will be looked at.  Checked email today an alert from USAA CMS, Cap1 HP on EQ.  I don't have a cap1 card, called the number then remembered I do have one, BBRZMC ughhhhhhh, HP and CLI declined, will get letter in mail.  Lowest limit 500 and cap1 to boot, I think CLI's are done for with that one.  If I need anything from BB I'll just put it on my Freedom or my Discover for some real rewards.


I'm pretty sure both Discover and Chase don't offer as good of rewards for shopping @ Best Buy that the store card provides. Sorry to hear about your denial on the BBRZMC. If you don't get approved for the store card there is little hope with the mastercard due to low limits and AF. Don't blame it on CapOne because the store cards they back are different.

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I recently got a CLI for my BBRZM. I called in and the CSR couldnt tell me for sure if it was a HP or SP but I went for it anyways.Finally got my CLI from 500 to 800. It is not much but im quite content for now. Smiley Very Happy
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