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BBT Visa?

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BBT Visa?

Anyone have this card? what was your score when you got it?

I have been told by the bank 650 is min, but 675ish more likely and they pull EQ i think exclusively. 

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Re: BBT Visa?

I was told by a BBT branch CSR this past summer that they pull EQ and one only needed 650. I posted that on here, and someone replied that they had a relative turned down with something over 700 but high UTIL.


I never did app for the card. My EQ was about 660-670 and I didn't want to take a chance.



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Re: BBT Visa?

yes they don't like high util... they told my dad no but then about a month later a credit card with 15k limit came!!


I'm paying off my big credit card this month, hopefully before the report date and I was going to apply once that updated because my EQ is right in the middle of the low end score range with the balance, so I'm thinking with an almost debt free report except for my personal loan, I should have a good chance, but wanted to see if anyone else on the low end was approved. 

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