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BBT paying bill

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Re: BBT paying bill

That was my biggest gripe about them.. I heard you can call them up and give them the info and they can set it up to store the external payment source.. Why you can't do it online is beyond dumb though.  So might want to give that a try.  That alone is the reason I cancelled my accounts with BB&T as always been a pull type of person vs. push and didn't want to accidently one day copy paste wrong info.  As stated try to call them and have them store it for you as have heard they can do that.

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Re: BBT paying bill

I have a text and pdf template for silly things like this... I just copy/paste data (takes a few seconds and this way no transposed digits), confirm, done 👍

That's one of the downsides of the site as it's still somewhat very old school, nothing hateful or that stops the world from making an orbit around the sun, but overall no other complaints 🌍😁
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Re: BBT paying bill

Yes it is a pain after I got the Spectrum. I just push the payment from SunTrust. Takes 2 days. I wonder after the new Truist (That name Smiley Mad) merge will make it any easier. We'll see.

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Re: BBT paying bill

@Jnbmom wrote:

@sarge12 wrote:

@ImTheDevil wrote:
^^^ agreed, I’d SD it too. There’s no reason at all that they can’t save the info to allow you to select it from a drop down menu. Having to enter it every time is asking for a bounced payment due to transposing a couple digits by accident...

Well actually there could be a reason...If the site stores the routing and account number on their server it is possible for a hacker to gain access to the account numbers in a data breach. I suppose it could be a reason for not storing the data.

Hmmm, well all my other accounts can manage to secure their sites lol. You would think they will "get with the program" for pete's sake.


Just ticks me offSmiley Embarassed

Well there have been a lot of data breaches too...Equifax, Target are 2 that come to mind, but there has been a lot more in the news. I am not saying that is the reason...I don't know that to be the case. When I saw there is no reason at all they can't store the info, that was the possible reason that came to mind. The best that could be said is there is no reason for it that we know of. It could even be a forecast of things to come, as more companies are forced to provide identity theft protection because millions of their customers data is compromised,

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Re: BBT paying bill

I get around this issue by pushing payments from my bank account.

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Re: BBT paying bill

@Jnbmom wrote:

Ok why in the "stone age" world do I have to put my checking account/routing number eveytime I go to pay my credit card bill? I figured "maybe" I didn't save it or something?? It appears you can't, am I missing something or is this how this goes when you want to pay your credit card??

This would drive me nuts. I'm dyslexic enough to transpose a single digit 😂

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Re: BBT paying bill



BB&T’s website reminds me of a website from the 90’s. I opened a savings account and pay my cards out of that account.  So far no problems yet!



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Re: BBT paying bill

I have a branch a couple of blocks down the road. For the very reason you cited I pay there. The tellers always tell me I can pay online. Well I tell them when their bank gets into the 21st century I will and then get a blank stare in return.
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Re: BBT paying bill

I am pulling up an old thread, but this is upsetting to me.  I can't believe you can't store your banking info.  It is nerve-racking for me to have to enter bank account numbers even the first time I'm linking a bank account, double-checking literally six times before I hit "submit."    I am supposed to do this every single time?  No way.  I guess I will push it from my SunTrust account.     When they eventually completely merge both banks, I guess this won't be an issue.  Still, I am shocked.  This is a big bank. 


I know people dislike Capital One for many reasons, but I always feel a sense of calm when I'm online paying my credit cards or car payment.  I love their website for making payments.  



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Re: BBT paying bill


You can save account information.

All 3 BBT cards here are on autopilot.

No entering info every time you pay.

You should be able to set it up inside your BBT web account.

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