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BCE vs Everyday card?

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Re: BCE vs Everyday card?

If you had an account chargeoff just a year and a half ago, I think you're going to have a tough time getting in with Amex -- you have a very short credit history of good payments, but a very recent derogatory on that chargeoff if it was so recent.


If Discover is offering you a card, I'd snag it for sure.  Use your cards to show very responsible usage (AZEO Method as detailed in my signature link).  


Then you'll probably need more than 2 years (probably 4?) for that chargeoff to not be as in-your-face with the prime banks.


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Re: BCE vs Everyday card?

BCE. I was new to points when I joined Amex and went with BCE over everyday, and glad I did.

With your stats I'd keep checking Amex prequals and or wait it out a few months before trying. If disco is giving you a solid single number or tiny range (2-3%) APR prequal go for it. Love my IT card
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Re: BCE vs Everyday card?

IMO, it depends on your goals and also your other cards.


If you have a 2% everywhere cashback card, the BCE isn't THAT compelling, a max of $60 a year extra, at the expense of a slow paying system with $25 increments.


If you can use MR points well, and use that card enough, 2.4MR on groceries is going to be better than 3%


On the other hand, if you use MR points well, you probably want the EDP instead (and perhaps an Amex charge card).    


One major niche advantage of the ED is a no-AF way to park earned MRs if you ever need to close a charge card

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