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BK Friendly Gas Cards?

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Re: BK Friendly Gas Cards?

do you have valero gas in your area? got mine 1-yr post bk7 instant approval online w/ 1k cl....think its drsm bank fwiw Smiley Happy

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Re: BK Friendly Gas Cards?

The only real chain I have here is valero and they denied me so far.  I bet I could get Chevron/Texaco, but the nearest ones are like 40 miles away.  I REALLY WANT A GAS CARD!

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Re: BK Friendly Gas Cards?

How about the Upromise card offered by Barclay?


The APR is high, but the card gives you 3% CB on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations (plus if you sign up for the Mobil Speedpass and link it to the account you can earn additional CB per gallon).


I used to use this before I got my PenFed card.


IIRC they pull TU.


The Upromise site will allow you to deposit the cash into a SallieMae Savings or Education account or you can have Upromise send you a check for the amount.

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