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BOA - Amex card - Change

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Re: BOA - Amex card - Change


quizzer wrote:



I got a costo flyer - $75 statement credit for opening a costco amex card. I want to apply finally now.

-What will be the approximate decrease in credit score due to this application? (5 or 7 or....)

They only pull Experian, should be very minor

-I want to add my spouse as AU on this card? Will it show in her credit reports?

It should


After I get this card, i will not use the BOA Amex card.

-I have this card since 2006. I also have a BOA MC from 2004.

-Is there any way I can transfer the BOA Amex history to BOA MC (even though BOA amex has a shorter history than BOA MC) and close the BOA Amex card?

There is no such thing as combining histories.   It will stay on your report for 10 years.   You may be able to comibine credit limits.

-Will there be any credit score impacts due to the above?

If utilizations changes much, it will change score.


Thanks in Advance.


 Sounds like a good plan, good luck


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Re: BOA - Amex card - Change

Thank you so much for your detailed response. I have one last question.


What will be the effect of 1 credit card application if i go in for mortgage in the next 6-9 months?

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Re: BOA - Amex card - Change

The effect of 1 inquiry on 1 report is small and after 6 months is even less.

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Re: BOA - Amex card - Change

Thanks again.

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