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BOA Balance Transfer to pay BOA

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Re: BOA Balance Transfer to pay BOA

@FlaDude wrote:

@ChargedUp wrote:

Read the fine print on the balance transfer offer. BoA *sometimes* adds a clause that you can write the check to anything or anyone BUT YOURSELF or AUTHORIZED USER on the account. I called for clarification on this as I was considering the same thing. The CSR informed me that if I write one of these checks to myself it is considered a CASH ADVANCE and you will be charged at the CASH ADVANCE interest rate, on top of the 3% of the check amount.

I've used convenience checks and DDs before with BOA and other credit cards and have never seen a case where you had to deposit to someone else's account. Maybe that happens, but in this case it's pretty clear that I don't have to deposit to someone else's account. Here is what the BOA page says (arrow mine):


I certainly expect that the cash advance rate will be charged on any remaining balance after the 14 month 0% promo period ends, but I have no intention of getting to that point. It will be paid off or the remainder rolled over in some fashion if needed.

Ok, yeah you should be in the clear... Mine had this.



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