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BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

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Re: BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

I had a BoA VISA which initially had a 7500 credit line. I used it frequently and PIF every month for 2 1/2 years. When I called in for a CLI, I asked what is the highest BoA would do for me. She came back a few minutes later and uped me to 18,000. My score at the time was around 720 and they did do a hard pull. This was not my only account and my high balances on AMEX and my NPSL VISA's and MC's showed high balances of almost 50K (highest balance but always PIF). I am wondering why if you make that kind of money that your balance is so high on the card? If you up the credit line and dont PIF or at least pay it down to less than 10% it is going to very adversely affect your scores, not raise them. In general, if your other cards all have CL in the range of 1-2K, I think you will have a hard time raising your limit so substantially. I would pay off your current VISA and other cards, wait 60 days so that the new utilization is reflected in your scores then call the backdoor for BoA and then ask. Then you may have a shot. Good luck, let us know.

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Re: BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

@GrowingCredit wrote:

Amex is tricky. Get your util below 10% for couple of months and try to speak with BoA to get a CLI but  " WITHOUT HARD PULL". apply for Amex blue if that is good for you and I am sure you should be fine. Else Citi is also a generous lender if you are interested.

I called and spoke to a CSR at BoA today who transferred me to a Supervisor in (can't remember the dept) I was inquiring about a CLI and I asked if it would be a hard or soft, the gentleman informed me as of March of this year all CLI requests will be a hard, if you wanted to PC your BoA CC to a diff BoA CC theres no pull, but I was told that as of March this year all CLI requests will be a hard.


Now we all know that its very possible this info could be incorrect as you can call any CCC and speak to one CSR/Supervisor and get one answer and call back 5 minutes later and speak to a different person and get a completely different answer, so who knows????


But this gentleman explained in detail as to why they have changed their policy regarding the hard for CLI's, if I remember correctly, it had something to do with a new law that was passed recently (my memory stinks) but he did sound very knowledgeable, If he is correct, thats a bummer, a hard for a CLI bites in my book.

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Re: BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

I just requested a CLI to triple my CL.  Started online, they said call.

CSR asked why - I said it just seemed about time to do it, no real reason.

CSR verified my employer information and approved the CLI right there.

I didn't ask whether it would be a hard or soft pull.  

But it was definitely after March of this year  Smiley Wink

Soft pull on Experian.  August 18th.

Obviously, YMMV - if I remember right I have stumbled upon posts where it has gone either way.....



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Re: BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

These employees have been brain washed that all new bank policies are because of the new law... it's really annoying!!

Hard Pulls are not required because of the new law!!

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Re: BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

I called BOA Aug 3 and asked for a cli. But first asked if it would be a hard or soft, he said soft and all he wanted was AHI. Then said I had to talk to a credit specialist who asked what my job was and why I wanted it. Reviewed my history and said I've been great and $2500---> $5000 (which I asked for) was right under 30% util.

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Re: BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

I recently received a BOA Cli from 2500 to 5k AND also a product change to their new 1-2-3 cash back reward card. I tried online first but it told me to call in. The credit analyst I spoke with was very nice as well.
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Re: BOA CLI @ 50% Utilization

I am pretty sure that the BoA "love button" will ALWAYS tell you to call in these days.

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