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BOA CLI - Approved

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Re: BOA CLI - Approved

nicemann wrote:

haulingthescoreup wrote:

OK, I have to ask: why would you be asking for a CLI? --not nagging, just curious. $25K from one bank seems plenty. CU's are different, of course. Smiley Wink

Hey the more the better......sad thing is I PIF my 15k every Friday (usually less then $500 on it).  The others are just a $10 or less monthly bill that is automatically charged.  I PIF those when the statement cuts.  Just do that to keep them active.  I have never paid BoA any interest in the 4 yrs I have been with them.


Yeah....maybe I shouldn't try for more.  I may be pressing my luck.

Well, they're awfully spooky these days. I'd love to do a PC, but I'm not about to stir them up.
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Re: BOA CLI - Approved

The problem with BofA is the seriousness of the repercussions if the person you happen to be talking to at the moment takes a dislike to your credit report. If they just don't give you an increase you can always call back on another occasion and try again. But if they CLD or close your account it seems almost impossible to undo. Best not to mess with them unless you are in a very solid position, i.e. your credit picture is near perfect.
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