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BOA CLI Question *Update*

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Re: BOA CLI Question

goodgirl-badcredit wrote:

Ok well i called boa to see about the increase. It was denied due to 5 collection accounts that are 4 years old. And I had those accounts when i opened the account. She stated that as long as i had those accounts i would never get an increase. I have never been late on anything in the last 4 years. I think it is time i moved on from boa.


I also asked if i could over pay the account and then put my tuition on it she stated that it would not be a good idea. when u overpay your account it is automatically flagged for a review..

I wouldn't put 100% belief in what she's said.  Not every csr will tell you the same thing.  Wait a couple days & call at a different time of day & ask someone else their opinion.


Are your old collections paid?





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Re: BOA CLI Question

No my collections are not paid. They total up to be about $1200 ($800 are medical bills). I will call later on this week after my balance shows up as $0. I just dont understand i had more collections at the time of approval 6 of the original collections have dropped off. And i have no negative information since. Everything has been paid on time. I did carry a balance for a few months. But i was never late.

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