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BOA Customized Cash Rewards online shopping category (3%)

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BOA Customized Cash Rewards online shopping category (3%)

BOA includes some stores like HomeDepot and IKEA in "home improvement/furnishing" category. If I want to purchase online from such stores or even from drug stores like CVS, can the purchase get classified as online shopping?


I see BOA categories are much more organized than US Bank Cash+ (e.g. at US Bank, Macy's is in department store but Express is in cloth store). I may migrate to BOA cards for the majority of purchases in future and keep US Bank Cash+ for utilities, cell phone, TV/internet/streaming.

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BOA (CCR, PR), Chase (CFF, CSP, Amazon, CIC), US Bank (Cash+, AR, Go, Ralphs), Discover, Citi (CCC, DC, SYW), Amex (BCP, HH, Biz Gold, BBC), Affinity CR, Cap1(Walmart), Barclay View.
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Re: BOA Customized Cash Rewards online shopping category (3%)

Yes, there is some overlap. If you order from Home Depot online, it counts as both Home Furnishings/Improvement AND Online Shopping, so you'd get credit if you have EITHER of those as your active category.

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