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BOA Low APR Balance Transfer Offer

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Re: BOA Low APR Balance Transfer Offer

Creditaddict wrote:

BrokaToe wrote:

Just wanted to bring to BOA card holders attention that when I logged into my account this morning I noticed a promotional offer on the right hand side of the page for a Low APR Balance Transfer. I'm sure these offers are tailored for each individual depending on credit worthiness, so yours may be different, and I suppose not everyone may have the offer.


My Offer States:



Time to call Bank of America and tell then you can't use the BT offer unless they give you more limit than Discover!

BTW, How in the heck did you get triple your highest with Discover... I feel like they consistently give LOWEST! My partners is!

Hey, that's a good idea! lol


I have no explanation for the exceptional CL that Discover issued me. They have for sure a different way of determining that than most creditors it would seem. I apped for Freedom and Discover at the exact same time and Chase gave me $

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