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BOA Luv Button: Am I Ready?

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Re: BOA Luv Button: Am I Ready?

jaxstraw wrote:
Sorry 'bout that. Hope you can switch someday.

BTW , I "borrowed" your sig line if you don't mind. I'm hoping that if I can see a number and track it I can follow the amount of days without an app.

I really want a NASA card and they wouldn't grant it (again) saying that I shouldn't apply again until my last card activation is one year old. Kind of made me realize how many cards I have and how many app's I've made in the last year.

Thanks Jax
App free for 3 days since 3rd NASA denial

Thanks for that.
Don't mind at all, but did you know you can put your sig in your profile so it shows up automatically and you don't have to type it every time you post?

App free since 7/11/08.
TU 744 / EX 710 / EQ 694 (Starting to slip. Smiley Surprised )
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