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BOA SLASHING Limits ...Again

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BOA SLASHING Limits ...Again

Hey Guys:


I have the BOA/AMEX Accelerated Rewards card w/ a $6,800 limit. I log into my account this morning only to see they slashed my CL to $1,700!! I was fuming. I was seeing red!!


I called the backdoor # and told them to immediately put it back or close the card. Luckily, I had a helpful credit analyst and she restored the limit to $6,800. Even this amount is low for what I'm qualified for, but at least it was put back. I would have closed it otherwise.


I must say, BOA is really wacky lately. They USED to be my favorite back but I'm not liking them as of lately.



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Re: BOA SLASHING Limits ...Again

WOW! That was a pretty hefty drop. I'm glad you got your CL back! I would've been fuming as well. They should drop the CL's of people who are more risky, not the people with great credit files.

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Re: BOA SLASHING Limits ...Again

Was this just out of the blue without reason? Or are there potential red flags on your reports recently (high utilization or something like that)?


BofA has been softing me every month since I opened my first card with them. They definitely keep close tabs on their cardholders. 


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Re: BOA SLASHING Limits ...Again



Thanks. Yup, they have no reason at all to mess with me but they still did Smiley Mad

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