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BOA Secure Card to Rewards Card

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BOA Secure Card to Rewards Card

Hey Everyone, 


Just discovered this awesome forum the other day searching around. 


I have been doing some reading here and there, but couldn't find an answer to my question. The other day I went to Bank of America  regarding an issue with my checking account. After having that fixed, I started talking to the banker about credit cards. I got a secure card from BOA last year; which turned into a credit card 4 months ago. The banker told me there was no point of having this secure card anymore as it had a $39 yearly annual fee and no reawards. I was told to apply for their rewards card (I got approved) and close the secure credit card. I told her that was my first card and I don't want to mess up my credit history (Perfect Credit, no loans, nothing). She went on saying how they will tranfer the credit limit to the new card and close the secure card with $100 limit. Now I got their reawards card in mail and I'm afraid to close my secure card. I don't want to take a hit on my history, but at the same time I don't want to pay the annual fee and carry around 2 same cards. What should I do? 

Here are the cards I have (oldest  to newest):


BOA secure turned credit - $3500 Limit

Capital One Plantinum - $3500 Limit

Discover It - $700 Limit

Amex Costco - $2000 Limit

BOA Cash Rewards - $1800 Limit


Experian Score: 721 (Never Checked any other score) 

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