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BOA and Sandy

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BOA and Sandy

Got this email last night from BoA, saw some info shared from AMEX earlier, figured those affected by the storm may want to see this if they hadn't



Dear Valued Bank of America Customer,

We hope this message finds you and your family safe and well.

While the actual storm may be winding down, it's often in the days after that its effects continue to be felt, as personal finances take a back seat to clean up and repair.

We're here to help in any way we can, one customer at a time. If you or someone you know was affected by severe storms and floods, our Customer Assistance Program can help. You may qualify to:


  • Receive credit line increases on your existing Bank of America Visa® card and MasterCard®.
  • Modify or extend payments on loans, credit cards or lines of credit.
  • Receive special assistance with lost, missing or late loan or card payments.
  • Avoid early withdrawal penalties on bank certificates of deposit (CDs).
  • Receive a refund on any overdraft, non-sufficient funds (NSF) and non-Bank of America ATM fees incurred as a result of storm conditions.

To access the program, please contact us at any Bank of America Banking Center, or via our dedicated number at 855.729.1764. Our Customer Assistance Program representatives can provide you with individual help and assistance.


Luckily I didn't get hit too hard by the storm, but if anyone did I'm sure this could be helpful.

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Re: BOA and Sandy

i did apply for credit limit increase  and they declined i told them my house was demaged from trees i am staying in hotel at least one week they really dont care they told me i got balances for some credit cards e mail was nice but they dont help just show up

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Re: BOA and Sandy

I just got a BankAmericard last month with 0% purchase and bt  for 15 months. I request a CLI at activation and was declined. Just called to ask a CLI from 2k to 5k and approved! I really need to take advantage of the 0% especially after this storm.

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Re: BOA and Sandy

I got a Email from boa about sandy because I live in Philly, I did call in for a cli and I got a big fat NO at first but capital one helped me on both of my credit card accounts so I called boa back and spoke to someone else in the credit department and asked them to recon and they did so I have nothing but good things to say about cap one and boa in my (opinion). :robothappy:

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