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BOA - involuntary product change

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BOA - involuntary product change

Hi everyone!


I have a BOA card, Visa Platinum Plus with MilesEdge rewards (I don't think they offer new MilesEdge cards any more). I have had it for 4.5 years, satisfactory CL - 15k (to avoid a CLD I asked BOA back in January to reduce it from 21600). My scores are in upper 700s (764-784).


I was adding an authorized user online tonight and after this was processed I got a message that BOA is changing my card to a Platinum Plus Mastercard and I should be receiving some correspondence in regards to that in the mail. I called CSR and of course they were not able to confirm this or say why this is happening.... They told me to call them again tomorrow after their system updates.


Has anyone else had something similar happen? Should I be worried? I use this card as my main card and I really don't like Mastercards in general. I often travel abroad and they are not as widely accepted there as Visas. So, if I can, I would like to avoid having this card converted to a Mastercard.  Any input will be appreciated!!!!

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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

I don't know about the product change, but I have a question for you.


Why would you ask for a CLD to avoid a CLD?  I don't understand. 


Did they inform you that a CLD to something under 15k  was imminent, and if so, why wouldn't they just go ahead and do it anyways?



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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

I know the consensus on the board is not to close the cards or ask for CLDs, but with the automatic CLIs on some other cards I got to the point where I was not using more than 0.5% on all my revolving lines. I recently went back to school full time and do not have a need for as much revolving credit. In a month I rarely charge more than 800 to all my cards (unless I travel - and I don't right now since my student budget is tight) and always PIF.


I know BOA CLDs happened to people that don't use their lines so I decided to avoid BOA making that decision for me and set the CL at the level with which I was comfortable. I got "nervous" because in December they did 4 soft pulls of my file, and I wasn't sure why. It made sense to me to be proactive.


No, BOA did not initiate that - when I was talking to CSR about something else, I asked them to decrease my line and they were rather surprised. But did not object. The soft pulls stopped after that, too.


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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

Thanks! I now understand, and I am also impressed! You've got an outstanding handle on your credit, and how to use it!


Congrats on the CLD!! :smileyhappy:

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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

Thanks, Uborrow-Upay! I am not sure if I understood them correctly, but they did not CLD me Smiley Happy I was afraid that if I let BOA make the decision, they will come back w/ something like 7-8k, which I would not like.


Yes, I am in school full time, but I am an atypical law school student - recent immigrant, 30+ years young. Good credit has been important to me.... I am proud of what I accomplished credit-wise in a relatively short period of time and don't want anyone to mess it up Smiley Happy



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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

Does anyone have any input regarding the product change? Did it happen to you? If so, please describe!!!!!


BOA CSR still not helpful - told me to wait for correspondence in the mail......

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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

Let us know what the letter says.


Personally, I have been wondering if I could get them to PC my Plat Plus Visa no reward to a MC Reward. 

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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

Personally, I have been wondering if I could get them to PC my Plat Plus Visa no reward to a MC Reward. 

I've asked them about the same thing last week. No love.

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Re: BOA - involuntary product change

replied to wrong post
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