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BOA not reporting AU's?

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BOA not reporting AU's?

  Am thinking about adding an Au to my account, but only if it reports to the 3 bureaus. Was at my online page this morning and over on the upper left clicked the talk to a chat specialist. Was told by BOA's own person that they do not report AU's, only that their name would be on the card. Checked a couple searches here and Chexxie posted on 5/19/11 that his/her cousin's AU account was showing up on their report.  Am confused now! Anyone else out there with recent AU's added that show up on reports, or anyone whose BOA AU account doesn't show.


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Re: BOA not reporting AU's?

They report most AUs.  YMMV


What is the harm in adding your AU, and if it doesn't report, just remove them?

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Re: BOA not reporting AU's?

I was an AU on DH's BofA and it reported to all 3 for me.  I've been off as AU since last year, but I would bet that it's still the same policy today.


CSR's are not always 100% correct in their responses, unfortunately.  Smiley Sad  Especially on topics they may not have been coached in.

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Re: BOA not reporting AU's?

My GF's AU BoA card reportedly instantly


I added her on the app though so maybe that helped

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