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BOA or Target Visa?

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Re: BOA or Target Visa?

TangMeister wrote:

Givemesomecredit wrote:

TangMeister wrote:

nyccc2 wrote:
Which is a better card, better approvals, higher CLs?

Efax is best with 725 and a ready to drop off Cap1 CO

TU for some reason is 40 points lower it has a 4 1/2 year old unpaid Cell Phone Collection.

Experian somewhere in between.

For what it is worth, BOA also sent me a pre-approved Platinum Plus in the mail, my first pre-approved offer ever.

Also online for first time they pre-approved me.

BoA by far. You applied to the right one. More than likely, you'll get a $200-$500 store card with Target...not their Visa...which seems to be what you're wanting?

Target pulled Equifax on me.

Good luck with the BoA approval!

Not necessarily.....BOA gave me a $2500 limit while Target gave me a $6000 Visa in the same month. BOA did give me a much better APR than Target but APR doesn't matter to me that much because I pay in full. My scores were in the the mid 700's at the time so.....YMMV.

That is defnintely a great credit line from Target, but as you can see on numerous posts on here and that "other board" Smiley Wink ...extremely rare to get the Visa right off the mark, and very much a YMMV. FICOs don't seem to play into it as much as other cards. Mine was 768 when I app'd, but I think that's what got me the $500 vs. normal $200 starting CL. I did actually WANT the store card and stated it, though, when contacted for identity verification, but I still think I would've gotten the store card, because virtually everyone does. There are some really high CL gurus on here or the other board, who get the $200 or $300 red card as well. So, yes, yours is all the more amazing!

I still say BoA is the safe bet, and much more generous with CLIs down the road. But yes, very much YMMV as you've proven. I'll predict (safely) that your BoA CL surpasses your Target CL rather quickly, if all things remain steady and on good terms. Smiley Happy

Honestly, I was surprised by the credit limit myself. I hadn't applied for a credit card in ages and usually say no. If I had known that they are so quirky when it comes to granting Visas compared to their store card, I probably would have never applied. But it all worked out in the end. Now I just have to work on getting them to lower my ridiculous APR.

Just curious, why did you specifically want just the store card?
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Re: BOA or Target Visa?


nyccc2 wrote:
Just curious, why did you specifically want just the store card?

Hey, it worked out for you, so it's great you app'd. Plus, you give others on here hope for the Visa...and a nice initial CL!

Well, I wanted the Red Card for the diversity, since it's a charge account, and I didn't have any store cards. Have several Visas/MCs with good CLs, so didn't really need another one. Would prefer to just grow their CLs further.

But what I REALLY wanted from Target, in general, were those nice 10% off deals they offer every $1k in spending with their cards. Smiley Happy I shop there quite a bit. The Visa would give me those as well, but I was happy with just the charge card and the diversity aspect. Otherwise, doesn't really matter. I think the Visa's actually quite nice...except for the APR, as you said. The store card is high as well, so it's definitely a monthly PIF'er.

Sorry to hijack this thread a bit.

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Re: BOA or Target Visa?

siangirl34 wrote:
I applied for a BOA Visa 2 weeks ago - got the 30 day message. Yesterday, I noticed a TU pull by BOA and today I logged into my online banking and there was the new Visa account!  So, I think 30 day message is not that bad.  I think my scores were a bit lower than yours when I applied too.
I applied for a few store cards about the same time as the BOA card and was denied by Walmart and Target for too many inquiries/short credit history.

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How many inquiries did the consider too many? I'll probably have 6 or 7 total from 2/08 on spread out among the three CRAs soon...
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