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BOA secured 99/500 **bleep** AF got me

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Re: BOA secured 99/500 **bleep** AF got me

joltdude wrote:

Discover Secured:

Requires a 1:1 deposit for a secured card..

Has rewards and features just like the regular cards...

Tends to graduate from 7-12 months.

Usually a CLI on graduation...

No AF ... (Discover did have an AF when card first came out.. they did away with it.. and it disappeared on graduation)


After the first year you can ask for an apr reduction... every 6 months if you wanted

CLI increases after unsecuring are usually SP....


It looks and smells and acts like a real discover card.... some secured cards are more tiered... and can be a card one keeps for the long term...

Though recently the CLI gravy train has slowed... its still a good offer for a secured card.... even with the APR on the higher side..



That's unfortunate since mine graduated days ago and I'm starting to seek CLI. Maybe they are predicting  recession.

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