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BOA secured

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BOA secured

Anyone got his card unsecured lately ?

we want to hear from you !


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Re: BOA secured

I got it in 06/2006, CL $1000, unsecured in 03/2007, CL $1500. Today CL is $18000.

Good Luck

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Re: BOA secured

I have the 99/500. Got it in November '07. Right on the 10th statement in late September, the card no longer reported as secured. By the first week of October, I received a congrats by BofA with a check for $99. By late October, the CL was still at $500 and requested a CLI online. I was denied, citing util (true) and recent derog (last baddie was in early 2005). I bet if I had util down, I would have been OK.
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