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BOO HOO Salute Visa closed my account :(!

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Re: BOO HOO Salute Visa closed my account :(!

Tribute did the same thing to me... Faithfully, I paid more than my MP each and every month. However, in Dec. when I mailed my payment, it arrived 1 day past the due date (I forgot about slower mail during the holiday)... The charged me a late fee (didn't agree, but I understood why) and 3 days after Xmas, they closed my account due to being OTL (the late fee put me there).. That was the first and only time I have been over-and here is the kicker, when my initial payment was a day late, they put a message on my account on the website stating to pay the payment as well as the next months payment immediately (which I did, I took care of the additional payment online immediately, even prior to the other payment arriving to them), I did all this and they closed my account!! Now seeing what Salute is doing to folks (including myself, thats what brought me to this forum, I went to log into my online account to find the page could not be found, on a side note, the same thing is happening with tributes site, as my wife has an account of her own with them), who knows how much longer they will be around (tribute)...
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Re: BOO HOO Salute Visa closed my account :(!

I called Salute and asked to speak to a supervisor.I demanded that they return my annual fee since the year was not up and they closed my acct.They did indeed refund it so you may try to call them and demand you money!Good luck to you!
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Re: BOO HOO Salute Visa closed my account :(!

Apparently, my account has been closed too.


I realized a week or so back that my account was down to $0 and that they had credited my account half of my annual fee ($75).


I probably got something in the mail (it currently goes to my folks' place), but don't know for sure.  Really disappointed, especially considering they just increased my limit a month or two ago.


It's sad that places like this market they will help improve your credit, then when you are being responsible, they pull the plug.  I haven't checked my credit report yet, but wouldn't this hurt the scores, since it lowers the available credit ratio?

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Re: BOO HOO Salute Visa closed my account :(!

To All Those who were dropped by Salute for unknown reasons;


I too was dropped for no reason.  Be glad that you are not tangled up with them anymore.  If you owe money, pay it off asap.  There is something about this credit card company that is not legitmate.  I called Salute and was told nothing was wrong with my account.  I really didn't get a direct answer why my account was being closed.  I was also told it would not effect my credit.  However you can call the credit reporting agencies and talk to them about all this.  You can also report them to the Better Business Bureau in your area.  From now on I am goint to stick to my Banks credit card.  Good Luck to you.

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