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BT'ing Cap One

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BT'ing Cap One

I got an e-mail today from WaMu, offering me a rate of 2.99% on balance transfers. I've been so furious with CapOne and wanting to get that balance down to $0 and sockdrawer the card. The balance transfer offer was a great way to be done with them and hopefully really drive the lesson home.

Can you believe I've had their card for five years and they have never given me a CLI? Been a good customer all that time, too, except for one month I was about three days late. That's probably what they're holding against me!

They did me well for a while, and there was a time when CapOne was the only company that would issue me a card. They helped me rebuild my credit and get other cards with better terms and balances, but I don't need them anymore and if they're not willing to grow with me, they can sit at $0, help my average account age, and get to know my sock drawer very well and never see another dime from me. [/rant]

What's the likelihood that CapOne will *ever* show me any love? I've considered calling to cancel my card and seeing what kind of attempts at retention they would make, but I'm afraid they would call my bluff and really cancel it, which would be quite a hit to my average account age and would even probably hurt my util a bit, low as the CL is.

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Re: BT'ing Cap One

I could not get  CLI from Cap1 ....
I called the back door number and the rep that I spoke with told me to apply for another card that I liked w/them and then ask to combine the account.
I did
I went from $4500 cl to $7500 cl because the new card had a $3000 limit and they combined the 2 cards and kept my history with them.

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Re: BT'ing Cap One

I think it's just ridiculous how CapOne treats folks.

I have some new inq's but once these age off my CR's maybe I will try app'ing with them for a second card and doing as you did. Of course, my CL is much lower to start with--only $500!!!
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Re: BT'ing Cap One

I had 1 cap1 for 6 years and another for 2 years- both at a $500 CL until I found these forums and called the back door-  
It's my oldest revolving Card- now at 8K (combined to the oldest card)
I felt bad about SD'ing it for so long I even took a 6 month 0% BT - just to give it some usage.
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