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Backdoor Numbers Question

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Backdoor Numbers Question

I tried to post this on the Backdoor Number board but it's locked... So if anyone knows how to move my message there, feel free!


My question is, for those of you who have tried to call the Backdoor numbers and have gotten a credit limit increase, do you know if they pull your credit score?  My fear is, I already have a lot of inquiries in the past two years, I'm worried that if they pull my credit report, it'll hurt my score.  However, if they raise my limit, I would think that would help my score... Double edged sword?  Just wondering!  



Starting Score (01/31): EQ: 495; TU: 552; EXP: 542
Current Score (09/02): EXP 724; TU: 710; EQ: 699
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Re: Backdoor Numbers Question

It really depends on the bank, some will make a soft inquiry into your CR, and others will insist on a hard pull.  Let us know what banks/cards you are looking for a CLI on and folks here can tell you what they usually do.  You can also ask on the phone before you make the request, but sometimes the CSR won't know the difference between a hard and a soft.


The only way increased limits will help your score is by decreasing your UTIL, so keep that in mind. 

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