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Bad idea with Amex?

Moderator Emerita

Re: Bad idea with Amex?

Watchmann, we've had this discussion before. You've had the card 29 years, meaning you got it back in the days when it was an exclusive card, and your card usage history includes lots of international travel. Of course they're not going to question you.

We're talking about for new members here. And I didn't just pull the advice from AmEx out of some body opening; it was their advice. Let them know if I'm suddenly going to use it for a much bigger purchase than usual, and let them know if I'd be using the card out of my usual geographic area. Now that I think about it, that area was bigger than metro --it was more like my half of my state.

I'm sure that once someone is an established customer who has demonstrated responsible usage, this is no longer needed.
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