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Balance Transfer Apocalypse

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Re: Balance Transfer Apocalypse

Just checked my Disco cards this morning. Miles for the first time has an offer. 0% for 9 months with 4% fee. 

Regular It has the same offer but also has 4.99% for 15 months with 4% fee. 

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Re: Balance Transfer Apocalypse

...and no BT offers at all for me or DW.  Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Balance Transfer Apocalypse

My Barclays Ring hasn't had offers in several months, it still doesn't. They warned me about closing the account for inactivity a bit ago which I sorted out with a couple of purchases. The whole point of the Ring is the low interest and BT offers. Without that, it's kind of just a nice low-APR card. 


My scores are 800 and my util has been under 2% for...IDK several years now. I'm not sure why I wouldn't qualify for a BT. I get the market is wonky but still...other lenders are re-opening these offers and better ones at that. 

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Re: Balance Transfer Apocalypse

@K-in-Boston wrote:

Sounds like I am starting to become the outlier here.  In the years since opening my Discover card, my offers have never faltered from 0% for 12 months with 3% fee and 4.99% for 15 months with no fee.  I just wish the limit were more in line with what other lenders have granted me.

This was me too since 2013, until covid hit and they went away. Its back now for 0% for 12 months @ 5% transfer fee or  6.99 for 15 months with no fee. no thanks.



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