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Balance Transfer time

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Re: Balance Transfer time

Rackham94 wrote:

Hey you guys,


How long do balance transfers take to process?????? I started a process to BT from my Crap1 to my shiny new Chase Freedom started it on 3/31 and it is still processing and my balance has not changed on my cards

7-10 BUSINESS days in not uncommon.  I just did a BT from one account to my Chase Slate.  When I check my on line Chase account, under "pending transactions", it shows the amount being transferred to the Slate as "processing".  If you have account alerts set up at Chase, as soon as it's completed the processing, you should get an alert from your Chase Freedom account of a balance increase, assuming you've set an alert for such an action. 

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Re: Balance Transfer time

When I did a BT to my Chase Slate, it took about 7 business days to go through FROM ACTIVATION OF THE SLATE. I had entered the BT information on the app, so it seemed like it took a huge amount of time, but once the Slate was activated and set up, it only took about a week. Hope that helps! Keep paying the minimum payment on your CapOne until the BT goes through! 

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