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Balance transfer for challenged credit consumer

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Re: Balance transfer for challenged credit consumer

Applied for a credit card as well as a signature loan from PenFed.  Denied both.  "Amount owed on recently opened accounts is too high.  Length of time accounts have been established."  The recently opened accounts wouldn't be so high if they would grant me the loan or a credit card!  I asked for a manual review as opposed to one done by the system.  I have a couple very small medical bills that are my "baddies" (3: $35, $75, and $815).  ALL other accounts have been paid on time, 100% of the time (car, mortgage, credit cards, student loans, etc.).  My high balances in relationship to the limits is what is pulling my scores down.  The medical bills are old, so they aren't really having a huge effect anymore (still dragging my scores down, but not killing them).  Will PenFed do a manual review?  If not, any idea who will?  My grandfather is ex-military so I should qualify for the ones requiring a military affiliation.

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