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Bank Americard Amerideals

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Re: Bank Americard Amerideals

awal wrote:
Bank Amerideals is a decent rewards program when it works. I have an eligible purchase that I'm fighting with BoA to have credited to my account. I've spent about 2hrs over three separate calls getting them to confirm the transaction is valid (but missing). Now I have to call again to have the transaction, posted to my account - since BoA claims they already paid me.

I finally got resolution on the missing transaction from BoA. The amount owed was finally credited to my account. So all in all when Bank AmeriDeals works, its not a bad program - but when it fails its a huge pain. The regular front line CSRs cant help you, and you will need to contact someone in the special accounts department. The process from start to finish for submitting a dispute is just way too long, in my case where the dispute was for appx $9 it wasn't worth the time and effort.


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Re: Bank Americard Amerideals

I've had great experience with Bankamerideals! I've redeemed close to $30 in deals over the past 6 months! I've only gotten 2-3 stores/restaurants that I actually shop at LoL According to B o A you get stores/restaurant deals SIMILIAR to places you shop....and they are right! LoL For example, i eat at McDonalds...but i ALWAYS get Burger King deals LoL But its ok...what i do is use some of the other deals as oppurtunities to try new things  and its actually fun and I kinda get paid to do it LoL Know its months after your post but hopefully this helps

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Re: Bank Americard Amerideals

I'm not a BoA cardholder but I just assumed it was like Perk Central or Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall. Guess not. 

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Re: Bank Americard Amerideals

I've had very decent deals. I got/and shopped at Sport Authority twice, and got 15% for both times. I got burger king deals (never used), Five Guys, Fish Market (San Pedro, CA), keep getting Autozone, Holiday Inn etc. BofA has really goods deals, at least for me. Just got a text tonight from BofA (BankAmerideals) for Valvoline (Oil Change).


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Re: Bank Americard Amerideals

I check them out by have never taken advantage of any of the deals, mostly because the deals are either for stores that aren't in my area or stores/websites I don't have any desire to buy anything from.  There are some deals for flowers which I buy sometimes, but the deals are better at Shop Discover.

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