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Bank of America-CFPB Success!

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Bank of America-CFPB Success!

Hi All,


I recently had (2) different issues with a Bank of America Credit Card account. One was billing related and the other was fee related-an Annual Fee to be specific. To make a long story short, I filed a CFBP complaint via the CFBP web portal and really nice representative from Bank of America Executive Office of the President/CEO-Executive Customer Relations called me back Friday morning. She resolved BOTH issues to my satisfaction.


I tried all methods of resolving both issues with BOA (Chat, secured email through Online Banking & calling Credit Card Customer Service) but none of those channels worked even though I was PERFECTLY clear in each and every communication with them. I work for one of BOA's competitors and am entering my 18th year in Banking having worked in in multiple Operations positions so I know what I am doing. I actually support the group at my bank that answers CFPB complaints directed at us and trust me-those complaints are given #1 TOP Priority where I work. I simply got tired of wasting my time with the normal channels at BOA. The best part is that I kept ALL of the chat transcripts, emails and times/dates/phone numbers that I called BOA at and I obviously know what phone number I called BOA from, attached all of the documentation to the CFPB complaint and the Executive Client Relations Rep admitted to me she read everything I sent and that I was correct and multiple BOA employees were wrong.


I did not ask for anything that was highly unlikely to be granted such as a Zero % APY for life or courtesy fee refunds of $1000. I simply asked BOA to live up to their end of what was communicated to me by phone and email originally and when those 2 things did not happen a promised and "normal: customer service was a waste of time-I took my issues to the top.


I will share the phone number of this Group at BOA with anyone who wants it. I did not ask if this group is strictly for Credit Card issues or if they also handle "banking" issues-checking, savings, loans, etc. as the only BOA account I have is a credit card. Feel free to PM for that phone number.


May your limits be high and your balances and APY's be low.



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