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Bank of America Closed my account!

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Re: Bank of America Closed my account!

@CountryLivin wrote:

All I know is I'm not happy that they charged me the $39 annual fee 5 months ago......I think I should be entitled to half of it back, since they closed the account. Why pay for something I don't get to use.....I will never go back to BOA.

They closed my account a while back because they thought I had too much new credit. 2 months after they charged my AF. They wouldn’t refund the AF.


Fine. No issue. Good thing that they sent me that targeted $300 SUB for a new checking account. Opened account. Met DD requirements. Got $300 bonus. Closed account. Thank you for the $261 net profit BOA.. Smiley Very Happy

NFCU $60.4k/PenFed $22.5k/Commerce $15K/53 $11K/Synovus $14K/BBT $11K/CapOne $12K/DCU $7.5K/BMO $7.5K/Chase $14.5k/Cabelas $10K/ and many many more!
Total CL $398600, plus car and RV loan.
Ooh. Ooh. Getting closer to that $500K mark!
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