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Bank of America Customer Service

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Re: Bank of America Customer Service

Cleanmachine wrote:

After you activate a new BOA Credit Card it generally takes 1-2 business days to set the account up on the Internet

Thank you for letting me know about this!  If I get the new cards on Thursday, I will wait until Monday to attempt to set up the online banking.

If I do not receive the cards on Thursday, I am going to definitely report this mess to their executive offices. 


I notice that my credit report is now reporting that this account is closed because, they say the cards were "lost or stolen"--which, of course, is NOT true but, this whole experience has been such a nightmare, I don't know whether to let that go, or not. 


Hopefully, this account will get straightened out soon!


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Re: Bank of America Customer Service

Have you received your new card yet? I'm still waiting for mine, got approved on the 11th...

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Re: Bank of America Customer Service

i had the similar issue......earlier in 2011, i tryna rebuild my credit and apps for one of their cards since i bank with them. they declined me but offer me for secured card with 500 depost i did all that and wait a few days to received my card but after a few days no card no call, no nothing i went to the bank and they told me they cancel my card and everything and on top of that they HP me twice in 3 days .....what a shamed.....

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Re: Bank of America Customer Service

Haha, I'm sorry to hear your poor experience with their customer service, OP. I PC'd from an old school platinum Bank of America Card (before they brought back Bank Americard) to the Travel Rewards a few weeks ago... still waiting for that card in the mail as well. They originally said it would take 4-8 weeks Smiley Indifferent  I don't really get how it could take that long, but we'll see if I get it soon....


Also, maybe someone can help me out with this one. My "Bill Pay" tab on online banking doesn't work (I don't think it's worked since 2009 or so), I've contacted customer support NUMEROUS times and each time, I got bounced around from card services, to Bill Payments, to Tech services, etc. etc.  This is the kicker; the last time I called them, they sent me a letter in SNAIL MAIL saying that they were unable to process my request, due to some issue with Bill Pay. I think I threw it away, although now I wish I would have kept it for leverage to let them know all that I've had to go through just to get online bill pay to work with my accounts... Smiley Sad

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Re: Bank of America Customer Service

I agree there cs sucks. In my opinion Cap 1 customer service is better then boa. I have yet to understand why there is a number on the back of the card if its not directly to credit card services

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