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Bank of America Love Button

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Bank of America Love Button

I started with a secured Bank of America Credit Card in 2007. It changed to unsecure in August 2008. I logged into my Online banking 3 days ago and a "request a credit limit " pops up. It was never there before.

Does that mean i'm eligible for a Credit Limit increase? Does someone has the same experience that it just showed up one day? Does Bank of America do a Soft or hard Pull for Credit Limit increases?

I wanted to post on here before i try it. Thank you for your Help.

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Re: Bank of America Love Button

Hmmm, I'm not sure about that.  Request CLI is always available on my screen, but it is not auto approve.  It is only a soft (my experience).

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Re: Bank of America Love Button

I have always had access to that request and it is not auto-approval. I used it once and I was declined (with a harsh and silly explanation when I called in follow-up). However, it is my understanding that using this button rarely results in a hard inquiry. I was treated so rudely by them that I won't ask for anything again. If they want me to have it they'll give it to me. Once upon I time I was very proud of their card - now it is one of the lower CL cards moldering in the SD.
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Re: Bank of America Love Button

Generally speaking, the appearance of the luv button for BoA (where it was previously absent) means that you're now eligible for customer initiated CLIs, automated and manual. It just doesn't mean that you're actually going to get one. :-/


But, that's good news that you now have the luv button! If you use it, it's a soft pull. If you've had a CLI in the last 4 months, you're very likely to be denied instantly. If you've not had a CLI within the last 6 months, you'll probably get an increase. If you have it and hold out (not push the button), BoA will probably auto CLI you in 6 months or so. They did me.


At any rate, congrats! The appearance of the luv button is one of the first signs that BoA has yanked off the training wheels.


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Re: Bank of America Love Button

Thank you all for your Replies. It's been hard to establish Credit. I moved to the US about 4 years ago and i started off with no Credit History. I made a few Mistake in the first Year and now i'm rebuilding my Credit. I learned a lot from this Site.

I finally clicked the love button and i got the 5-7 Days Response. I called the Number on the back on my Card and wanted to get a re-consideration. I talked to 2 different People and they were very Rude and would not give me any increase at all. I had a late Payment in 2007 and they still don't want to give me a chance. I have no collection, late payments or anything like that since. I paid always in full and on time.I have 86% available Credit. I applied for Macy's Visa 2 Months ago and they gave me double of the Limit right away without any Payment history and Bank of America seems not to like me even though i pay every Month on time Smiley Happy. I will wait another 6 Months and hopefull they will increase it. I wish i could but I can't close the Account because it's the first one i opened 2 years ago. I feel very upset about it but iwon't give up and continue to pay my bills on time.

Thanks again for all of your Help. I appreciate it.

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Re: Bank of America Love Button

I have the CLI request link on my B of A account.  When I test-clicked it, it came up with additional information that said specifically that it would not result in a hard inquiry.  I didn't go through with it, though.  I don't know why I didn't.
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Re: Bank of America Love Button

In direct discussion with a BofA CSR I was told that use of that button will generally result in a soft inquiry or no inquiry. He did state, however, that overuse of the button might result in a hard inquiry. In other words, if a repeated, polite no will not suffice it could cost you a hard. Best program: If you use the luv button and are denied wait six months before going there again. You will have a lot better argument when you go to recon.


BTW - Great improvement on the BMI front! Keep up the great work!

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Re: Bank of America Love Button

I suggest being careful -- BOA is a little crazy right now.  You wouldn't want to trigger AR or anything.
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Re: Bank of America Love Button

BTW - Great improvement on the BMI front! Keep up the great work!'s not in the list...what's BMI?  

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Re: Bank of America Love Button

BungalowMo wrote:

BTW - Great improvement on the BMI front! Keep up the great work!'s not in the list...what's BMI?  


BMI = Body Mass Index
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