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Bank of America Problem

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Re: Bank of America Problem

aclockworkgeorge wrote:

i just called the customer service number and they cant help me since i dont have an account number. i called the app status and they just said i was denied and id recieve a letter which i did.


i called one backdoor number but they have no office hours today. 


does anyone have any suggestions on who/when to contact? thanks.

I guess you should call the "BofA: 866-421-8153 (App status)" tomorrow (Monday) morning and see what you can find out. That would be my first move.


I wish you all the best, let us know what you find out.


EDIT: just read Walt_K's reply, I forgot it's a Holiday weekend, they may or may not be open Labor Day, you might have to wait till Tuesday, I'd still give it a shot tomorrow, they might just be open.

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Re: Bank of America Problem

Id call the backdoor number but you may have to wait till Tuesday. Tommorrow is a bank holiday so most of the financial offices will be closed (and hence the people who can make an instant decision for you). Good luck. Let us know. Im geussing that there was a significant difference in some of the info between your app and your credit report, which could prompt an instant denial. Whenver a bank suspects fraud (not saying theres fraud here just that a bank may suspect, they close, deny, cancel, run away first and ask question second if at all). Hopefully it is something along these lines and you will be able to clear up on the phone or some identity document like a utility bill, etc..

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Re: Bank of America Problem

ok thanks. ill try again tomorrow, but im sure itll be tuesday when they open again. i just need to talk to a person instead of a machine haha,


i dont see what could be so different on my credit report, cause cap1 approved me and sent me everything a month ago for a different card. maybe i entered stuff wrong on the BoA app. ill figure it out and let you guys know what happened in a few days.

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Re: Bank of America Problem

ok so heres what happened.


i called the application number on tuesday and they connected me to a credit specialist/analyst or something. i gave them my info and it was hard to find because i think my social security was entered wrong by one number on my online app(fail on my part haha) so he told me i had to go to a branch in person to prove my identity and fix it in the system. i went in today with my ID and my SS card and instead of changing stuff in the system, my specialist just made started a new app in person and i gave him all the right info and a check. it worked out because i decided to do a larger credit limit ($1500), so hopefully when it graduates, they give me a larger CL. 


so in the end it seems everything worked out and i should receive my card, just in 2-4 weeks instead of last week lol. oh well. all's well that ends well i guess right? haha.

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