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Bank of America rocks

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Re: Bank of America rocks

missypants wrote:

Enjoy it while it lasts. I used to think the same thing before I realized BofA sucks big time.


Now Citibank, they ROCK. Much more professional, IMO.

This, and this.
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Re: Bank of America rocks

Wesley when they upgraded your card did you get a limit increase as well?

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Re: Bank of America rocks

I thought i would never get a CLI tried a month ago denied because i had a collection showing on my EX report. Funny thing the collection was removed from my CR don't know why an not gonna ask LOL. I hit the luv button again a requested a $1100 CLI. Received the 7 to 10 day message waited a few days noting changed with my account so i called one of the BD numbers. Spoke with a friendly guy he told me i see you requested a CL earlier this month but we denied you because of a collection account showing on your CR. I told the rep the collection had been removed recently from my CR he told me let me see what i can do you have excellent payment history with us. He puts me on hold comes back to the phone an tells me your new CL is $2000. Next time I'm calling the BD number lol


My card started out as a secured card with a $300 CL. Was able to get it unsecured last year in May they bumped my CL to $800. Now 10 Months later $2000.

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Re: Rock on?

Many of their cc holders seem to have loved them for a while at least.  


Boa tried the obligatory (minor) RJ on both of my accts. several months ago, no impact just annoying.


They've treated me relatively well overall, all things considered, but I have the sinking suspicion this has been due to sheer luck.


If you dabble with them, whether in love or not so much--they should be monitored v. closely-- and for a number of reasons.

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Re: Rock on?



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