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Bank of America

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Re: Bank of America

Thanks CS

I just PMd you on adifferent topic

2 days I apps for a card last month so this new 1 I was approved 2 days ago and PCd it today...didn't want to PC the other card since the 2nd cahas just was appd

Starting Score: FAKO: TU 602 EQ 550 EX 565 - 08|2012
Current Score: MyFICO: TU 633 EQ 637 EX 669 (AMEX PULL)09|2012
Goal Score: 700 across the board In my wallet: NFCU cashRewards 12000CL, NFCU LOC 10K CL, BofA cashRewards 5000CL, BofA PP 3000CL, JAREDS (AU) 1500CL, SEARS (AU) 7000CL
Under my mattress: Orchard Bank 320CL and Saks Fifth Avenue 100CL. Finally in the Garden. App Free Since 9/18/12 - No apps until March 2013
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