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Bank of the West fraud question

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Bank of the West fraud question

Bank of the West is like Amex in which the primary and AU have different account numbers.


tonight I received declined alerts for both card numbers and immediately called in and fortunately they caught it and will send new cards.


My question, that the CSR did not know when I asked, do you think I will keep my account history on my credit report when I get a new account number for me and AU?   

Before I joined this site i was applying for a new card every two months for a couple years and have learned to garden now for 10 months.  I will feel kind of defeated being so close to 5/24 if I get a new account on my credit report without the old age.  I understand there isn't anything I can do about it but was curious.

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Re: Bank of the West fraud question

Every card I've had that was compromised and replaced with a new one, changed nothing with respect to the cards history or newness or 5/24 count.


Hope that's the case in your situation as well.

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