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Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

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Re: Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

MugenCivicSi83 wrote:

I have one collection for $47 and supposedly 3- 30 day lates that I can't find on my credit report. I only see 1, but the summary says 3. I feel like all the reports we have access to as consumers aren't even using the system that all lenders use to pull scores. It's quite frustrating.

Who is telling you you have 3 lates?  Have you checked your actual credit reports from for all three bureaus?  This is the actual report the lender sees, as well as some info that only you can see.  If you're relying on Credit Karma or something it is a good tool but certainly not exhaustive.


You also say that the $47 collection is paid.  Is it reporting as such?  If you have proof that it is paid, challenge it with the bureau it is being reported to.

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Re: Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

OP, as far as getting credit cards after a BK, that much should be obvious why someone is a safer bet than someone else that doesn't have a thick credit file.


You can only declare BK once every 8 years, so banks have a lot of time to collect if you are fairly recently out of BK. It isn't that hard to get credit after BK and IMO that is the reason.  Though you get offered a very high APR offers and no great bonus cards.


As far as income, most income is stated income and not verfited income, if I were a bank I would take stated income with a lb of salt.


I have seen when I get a ckecking account with a bank like Chase, BOA, US Bank etc, they offer credit cards, US bank was quite aggresive with pushing their cards with BOA not far behind, and when we also opened a saving acount with Chase they offered my wife a Freedom card with 4K limit even though she never had a credit card in her life in her name. (she is AU on several of my cards, but being AU is a very limited value).  Chase I aleady have 3 chase credit cards, so I guess they figured I wasn't a new customer. They don't often push their cards at me, though they keep offering my wife a DC card.


Next she opened in individual BOA checking account, they offered her a BOA rewards with 1.5K, then she got a AMEX blue mailer and which I replied to and she got a 15K limit.  All in her individaul name.


I only have 1 retail card, though some CR count a Walmart Master card as a retail card, while others don't.


IMO having an installement loan is of limited value, my Fico 8 score was 802 and my mothers was as high as 816, at the time neither one of us had an installment loan, though two months ago I bought a car, so now I do have an installment loan, however  my Installment loan utilization is high, my credit card util is about 5% right now.


I say limited value mostly because I can do things that cause my or my wifes score to jump as much as 80 points in a month or drop 40 points, so 5-10 points becomes like noise to me.


In the past I got a $500 limit on an Amazon Visa card, but when I applied for a chase sapphire they gave me 5K. Now I tend to get 12K-14K limits.  Interesting that while my CR don't show a BK I had in 2002, chase still know about it from their own files, the banker mentioned it when I got the sapphire.


I have never asked for a CLI,  sometimes a bank will just increase my CLI for reasons I can't discern.  Often I have a zero balance, so beats me why, once I got a credit decrease from 5th third from 5500 > 5100, I know why, I racked uo 5400 on the card and my score when down as low as 669 at that  time, so they got nervious.  I had paid the card down to 4900 when they lowered their CLI, so I paid it off more quickly, I had no desire to have lower CLI follow me down.  Now that card is zero and they send me zero interest convenience checks and a bonus offer to open a checking account.  I suppose I could ask for a CLI on that or other cards, I don't really need more credit, my individual totall limit is 116, not counting my wife has her own limit.


So my adice is open a checking account at a bank you want cards at, get a $100-$300 bonus for direct deposit  on the checking acount with no fee, then they have offered me credit cars.


Here is another "interesting" data point, I read if you use a Wells Fargo ATM to get money, they offer you a bonus to open of a Wells checking account, I tried it, sure enough they did an instant offer at the ATM machine.  Not sure with their recent troubles if that will still work.

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Re: Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

CCT report isn't sufficient enough? It's 42 pages long... I can't get my free CR on because I moved recently and they didn't have my address on file even though I updated my address with all my banks. when i went into the site they blocked me from requesting it and said I had to mail them. I haven't had a chance to do that because they require documents to be submitted with the paper mail request. I don't get bills to my current address as we are renting from a friend. I finally got my company to update my paystub with my address and now I can send them a copy of that and my social security for proof. I will do that today.


I don't use CK for my REAL scores. see my signature.

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Re: Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

both of my credit cards are banks at which I have checking and savings accounts but they won't CLI me. I have over 50k cash in reserves in those accounts. it makes no sense. i guess time will tell.


PS. I no longer trust Wells Fargo. Had my mortgage through them and sold my house and paid off a car loan last month as I wish to get rid of them altogether. They closed out one of my credit cards prior to this with a $3800 CL. I had never missed a payment and only had $280 balance on the card. Had the card for 3 years. Their reasoning was due to my recent student loans being added to my credit profile of $65k. They'll find anything i guess. smh. don't trust them anymore.

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Re: Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

If you are getting denied you need to get your real CR. The online versions are not detailed, no matter how many pages they are.

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Re: Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

OP it took me a VERY LONG TIME to get to where I am.   I couldn't even GET a credit card directly after bankrupty but waited until I had a job where it was somewhat necessary.  That limit was 900 dollars.  I had to pay it off....often! 


So lots of discipline, lots of waiting, lots of cleaning up my report and keeping it that way.  During all of this I had my files get mixed with someone elses which was MORE cleaning!


Once my BK and liens fell off, my scores rose but only because I kept everything so clean during the time i was waiting.  I also had to pay everything with cash so, hard to get in trouble doing that.  I was AU on my partner's card, which allowd me to have a card with a higher limit.  I was very careful with it and I ALWAYS made sure that bill was paid because it affected me too!


My journey is pretty easy to find on these boards, so won't repeat it but yes, Amazon Card from chase pretty much put me on the path to better cards and higher limits.   That card is now 13K (all organic CLI's).


but I am paranoid and I keep a close eye on my reports and keep everything clean.  i do not spend outside of my means ever. there's only one bill I disputed because frankly it should have been covered by my medical insurance and those idiots dropped the ball. 


I was able to qualify for a house with it, and fwiw, get higher credit limits too.  If its worth fighting, do!  I fought mine until it fell off because of age...yeah that **bleep** long!


For some of us, its a very long and hard road, and no, no faking here.  I have 4 cards that are diverse and pretty good quality. thats all I want or need.  More is too much for me.

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Re: Bankruptcy and then high limit cc's? how?!

I've only app'd for 1 credit card in the last 3 years. Denied. Was trying to upgrade from my chase freedom to a chase sapphire since i'll be doing a lot more international traveling as an Expat in Switzerland. Was at a $2000 CL, $0 balance. $12,500 worth of credit on 6 cards, Util was probably not reporting properly so i'm still waiting on that. Should be below 20% but the way one of my cards reported is the balance of the previous month which I had purchased a wedding/engagement and my ring. Now it's down below 20% so I'll wait. Another problem i'm having is that I can't get access online to a real credit report because I changed addresses after I sold my house and they've flagged all 3 CRA's when I tried requesting my free credit report. Now i'm having to go through the mail to get it mailed to me since I can't dispute online so I have a feeling this is going to take a lot longer than I was hoping. My wife and I are moving in december to switzerland. We got engaged and married very quickly so I could get my Swiss residency as she's a swiss citizen. She has a Capital One Venture One card with $3500 that she's had 4 years now with a 17% utilization on her credit profile with a 735 FICO. would it help me to get her to add me as an AU in order to have a card with a better CL than I have in order to get bumped up to the $5000 limit needed for the chase sapphire? I have a $47 medical collection that is PIF and from 2011. One 30 day late 1.5 years ago. should I GW the creditor to get it removed as it was a problem with my auto-pay screwing up? my score is on the 700 border. I just want to find the real credit report online if i can even if I have to pay for it. I have CCT, CK, myFICO, Experian accounts. which one of those has real reports...i know CK doesn't ....

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